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Connecting people withthe flavor of nature

Welcome to Bread and Bake, where we connect people with the flavors of nature through our handcrafted creations. My journey into the world of baking began in a rather unconventional way. With an MBA and a career in a high stress corporate position.  I found myself seeking a way to release tension and stress.

Baking became my refuge. The simple, rhythmic process of creating handmade artisan sourdough loaves and exotic gourmet cakes inspired by my upbringing in Colombia brought me immense joy and tranquility. It was not long before my neighbors and coworkers, captivated by the aroma and taste of my freshly baked sourdough bread, pastries and cakes, began asking why I didn't sell my creations. This sparked an idea that led me to leave the corporate world behind and embark on a new journey as an entrepreneur.

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