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Benefits of Sourdough: Enhanced Nutrition

At Bread and Bake, we are dedicated to providing you with sourdough bread that not only tastes delicious but also enhances your nutrition. Enjoy our range of sourdough products, including Freshly Baked Sourdough Pastries, Traditional Artisan Sourdough Loaf, and more. Each loaf is crafted with care to bring you the best in taste and nutrition.

Discover the perfect blend of flavor and health with Bread and Bake's sourdough, and nourish your body with every bite.

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Increased Mineral Absorption

One of the significant benefits of sourdough is its ability to improve mineral absorption. The fermentation process reduces the phytic acid content in the grains. Phytic acid can bind minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc, making them less available for absorption. By breaking down phytic acid, sourdough fermentation enhances the bioavailability of these essential minerals, ensuring your body can absorb and utilize them more effectively.

Probiotic options included in Sourdough

Presence of Prebiotics

Sourdough contains prebiotics, which are non-digestible fibers that feed beneficial bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics support a healthy gut microbiome, which is essential for nutrient absorption and overall digestive health. A healthy gut can improve your body's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients from all foods, enhancing your overall nutrition.

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Antioxidant Properties

The natural fermentation process used in making sourdough also enhances the bread's antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help protect your body from damage caused by free radicals, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and supporting overall health. The presence of phenolic compounds and other antioxidants in sourdough can contribute to its health benefits.

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