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Your go-to destination for handcrafted delights that bring joy to every bite. Indulge in our selection of handmade artisan sourdough loaves, and treat yourself to our Exotic gourmet cakes.


Don't forget to explore our handcrafted artisan cookies and freshly baked sourdough pastries, perfect for any occasion. 

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Why Sourdough?

Herbal Medicine

Sourdough fermentation involves lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast, which help break down gluten and other proteins, making it easier to digest than conventional bread.

Cooking Ingredients

Fermentation helps break down phytic acid, an antinutrient that can inhibit the absorption of minerals. This makes nutrients like magnesium, iron, and zinc more bioavailable.

Blood Pressure

Sourdough bread has a lower glycemic index compared to regular bread, which means it causes a slower, more gradual rise in blood sugar levels. This can be beneficial for managing blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Healthy Loaf of Bread

Lactic acid bacteria act as natural preservatives, extending the shelf life of sourdough.

Fresh Bread

Higher fiber content and lower glycemic index contribute to greater feelings of fullness.

Checking Weight

The fermentation process creates complex flavors and aromas.

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Discover the story behind Bread and Bake, where passion meets perfection in every bake. 


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Unique Features of Our Artisan Bakery



Our artisan bakery prides itself on delivering high-quality bread and baked goods known for their freshness. Our products are handcrafted daily or frequently throughout the week to ensure optimal taste and texture.


Artisan Craftsmanship

Experience our traditional baking methods in our breads and baked goods. Each product is crafted with care, resulting in unique flavors, textures, and appearances.



Enjoy our preservative-free bread and baked goods, made with natural ingredients and careful baking techniques to maintain freshness.


Family Sharing Handmade  Sourdough Loaf

"Growing up in San Francisco, I was spoiled with some of the best sourdough bread in the world. After moving to the Midwest, I struggled to find anything that came close—until I discovered Bread and Bake.


Their artisan sourdough bread is simply amazing! The crust is perfectly crispy, and the inside is light, airy, and delightfully chewy, just like the sourdough I remember from home. The tangy, rich flavor brings back memories of the Bay Area. Finally, a taste of San Francisco right here in the Midwest. Highly recommend!"

Darlene L, Springfield


We were excited to be chosen for special program on "Show Me St. Louis" that allowed us to showcase our handmade artisan sourdough loaves crafted with premium ingredients for unparalleled freshness and flavor. Discover our freshly baked  pastries and homemade sourdough bread, each a testament to our dedication to quality. We also  feature our unique exotic flavored cakes, that are sure to delight your taste buds. Join us as we share the passion and craftsmanship behind our fresh sourdough bakery items and homemade specialty cookies with the "Show Me St. Louis" audience.

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